Native Truths at the Field Museum of Natural History

Do you like to tell people about yourself? What do you tell them? It is important to be able to tell your story the way you want to. At the Field Museum in Chicago, there is a new exhibit about stories and people. It is called Native Truths: Our Voices, Our Stories. In the exhibit, Native Americans [people whose ancestors lived in North America before the arrival of Europeans] tell their own stories the way they want to.

This is Lerris Keahna. He is dancing in front of a picture of himself. His picture is in the Field Museum exhibit. Lerris is part of the Meskwaki Nation. This is a nation of Native Americans that is located in Iowa. He is wearing handmade Meskwaki clothes. The clothes are for special events. Lerris is showing how to do a Meskwaki dance. The dance is part of the Meskwaki story.

Photo Credit: Holly Henderson, Gun Lake Tribe